Alhurra's Al Youm: five bureaus, and so far no blank feeds.

Posted: 10 Apr 2010

"What makes [Alhurra news program] Al Youm different from Alhurra’s other programmes is that it’s an in-region television programme. 'Only one of its bureaus is in the US (Washington, DC); the other four bureaus are all from the Middle East. This creates an intimate regional feel to the programme. It’s not a matter of having Springfield, Virginia, staff produce a programme that covers the Middle East from afar. That’s what is important because they know the region and understand its issues,' [executive producer Fran Mires] adds. A point of great pride for Mires is that not once has the live feed gone blank, quite an accomplishment for a live programme with five bureaus." Raziqueh Hussain, Khaleej Times (Dubai), 9 April 2010.

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