FCO to House of Lords: Moving BBCWS from shortwave to other platforms "may result in difficult decisions."

Posted: 09 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
Response by Chris Bryant, MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, to the House of Lords Foreign Affairs Committee report "The Work of the BBC World Service 2008-09": "The current financial climate has put a strain on all budgets across the public service. The BBC World Service cannot be exempt from that. We are in close consultation over the forthcoming CSR round. You have identified the challenges of moving from short-wave to other platforms—this may result in difficult decisions having to be made by the BBC World Service in terms of continuing specific services." From BBCWS response: "BBC World Service has recently carried out surveys on viewership and reputational ratings (trust etc) for BBC Arabic Television in Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Iraq, the results of which will be made available in Spring 2010 when BBC World Service's total annual audience figure is announced. ... The extension of BBC Persian Television to 24 hours is being considered by BBC World Service as part of its strategic review for the next Spending Review bid." www.parliament.uk, 9 April 2010. See also the report, www.parliament.uk, 5 February 2010.