International television program sales prospects in East Asia.

Posted: 09 Apr 2010

"Typically staid programming on [Chinese] traditional state-run TV won't draw the newly savvy viewers that advertisers hope to reach, says Steve Chicorel, an international distribution guru who relocated from Hollywood to Taipei, in Taiwan, to be closer to China. 'China used to be a zero on everybody's sales records, but now that it's going digital, it's a wasteland and everybody needs programming,' says Chicorel, who's now helping Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan find international partners for a historical war serial titled 'Yuefei.' Due to strict TV censorship, Chicorel says it's family programming that's needed, not the flesh or flash of U.S. cable. Chinese TV companies that reach the mainstream may also be able to tap its cash." Also discusses Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. Janine Stein, Hollywood Reporter, 6 April 2010.

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