When Messerschmidts tried to shoot down RFE content.

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"From August 1951 through November 1956, RFE launched millions of balloon carried leaflets into Communist Eastern Europe. They urged Czechs and Slovaks to boycott national elections, and told Poles about corruption scandals in their country. 'The balloons also provoked a degree of official Communist fury never elicited by RFE broadcasts,' writes Arch Puddington in his history of Radio Free Europe. ... 'MiG fighters were ordered to shoot down the balloons; when they proved too fast to get an accurate bead on the targets, slower, propeller-driven Messerschmidts were dispatched, and antiaircraft guns fired at the invaders as they crossed the border.'" Matthew Lasar, Radio Survivor, 7 April 2010. See previous post about same subject.