China Radio International and CCTV-9 might soon be rebroadcast in Jamaica (updated again).

Posted: 16 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"The Media Association Jamaica (MAJ) is in the dark about a proposal being considered by the Government to allow Chinese entities to start operating a radio and television station locally. ... 'The Cabinet has given approval for the pursuit of discussions in respect to a proposal received for cooperation between the Govern-ment of Jamaica and the Government of The People's Republic of China to transmit Chinese programmes over free-to-air radio and television stations," [Information Minister Daryl] Vaz told the media briefing. He said discussions were held at a ministerial level with a delegation from China Radio International and China Central Television on the possibility of establishing the stations. '(This is) To promote Jamaica-China relations and to deepen the appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture,' added Vaz.' The Gleaner (Kingston), 6 April 2010. VOA appears no longer to be a player in the English-speaking Caribbean.
     "Information Minister Daryl Vaz says concerns that the proposed introduction of Chinese radio and television stations would lead to competition with existing commercial media entities, are unfounded. ... He said early indications are that they are interested in the rebroadcast of Chinese radio and television programmes in both the English and Chinese languages. Mr. Vaz noted that the proposal from the Chinese offers an opportunity to deepen appreciation for other cultures. He said similar arrangements are already in place with the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Alliance Francaise.", 8 April 2010.
     Update: "The Cabinet has approved talks between Jamaica and China on cooperation on the transmission of Chinese radio and television programmes in Jamaica. However, Minister with Responsibility for Information, Telecommunications and Special Projects, Daryl Vaz, says the discussions are in the preliminary stage, and that China is only interested in the rebroadcast of Chinese radio and television programmes in English and Chinese." Jamaica Information Service, 14 April 2010.