Voice of Russia association joins world's Russian-language broadcasters in "common effort."

Posted: 06 Apr 2010

"Dozens of radio stations on all continents have joined the International Association of Russian-Language Broadcasting. This project was put forward and approved in early November of last year at the International Festival of the Russian-Language Radio Stations that was organized by the Voice of Russia Radio Company. The Association of Russian-Language Broadcasting provides for the exchange of information, audio programmes, video footage, and Internet-content, and also for help in various forms, including legal and financial help. For example, numerous programmes of the Voice of Russia (VOR) are posted on the web-site http// In brief, it is beneficial and useful for each participant of the International Association to take part. .... This is a very meaningful stage in the cause of consolidation of the Russian world abroad, the political observer of the Voice of Russia Professor Valentin Zorin, the initiator of the establishment of the International Association of Russian-Language Broadcasters, says: 'There're radio stations - big and not very big - in different parts of the world, broadcasting in Russian. And many of them are facing problems today, which is not an easy time to live in. Of course, it is much easier to resolve them by common effort.'" Voice of Russia, 6 April 2010.

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