Director of BBC World News departing, "got very close to break even."

Posted: 03 Apr 2010

"Sian Kevill, the director of BBC’s loss-making World News channel, is to leave the corporation after 24 years. Her post is one of several abolished as part of the restructuring of the BBC’s global news division announced earlier this month by Peter Horrocks, director of global news. Kevill was appointed director of BBC World News in December, 2008. In the role she was responsible for the overall editorial direction of the channel and for driving its commercial success. She decided not to apply for a new role, the BBC said today, and instead seek 'new opportunities outside the BBC'." Oliver Luft, PressGazette, 31 March 2010.
     "Kevill, who is leaving immediately, said BBC World News had 'got very close to break even' for the first time since it launched in 1993. The channel will show a small loss for the last year due to currency exchange fluctuations, but has been boosted by a advertising recovery in the past three months. ... BBC World News was launched as a commercial venture in 1993 after the Conservative government refused funds to allow the World Service, which is funded by a direct public subsidy from the Foreign Office, to launch its own TV channel. The channel has an estimated audience reach of 74 million viewers a week, is available in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, and has recently posted strong audience figures in Asia." Maggie Brown, The Guardian, 31 March 2010.

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