New shortwave broadcast from home for Sri Lankans in Korea.

Posted: 02 Apr 2010

"The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation ceremonially launched a new program to broadcast its services to Korea last Sunday. ... 'We will broadcast our programs to Korea for Sri Lankan expatriates/ Sinhala listeners,' said Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Chairman Hudson Samarasinghe. This is basically a magazine program which features Sri Lankan songs, Sri Lankan news and currency rates. This program aims at providing entertainment and information to the 75,000 Sri Lankan migrant workers. ... This is a live program done in SLBC premises and is broadcast to Korea via the German Transmitter Station Deutschwelle which belongs to the German Government. According to the agreement the SLBC has with this broadcasting station, (Deutschwelle) will be providing services without charge for one hour. ... By tuning into 15120 shortwave frequency anyone in Sri Lanka and Korea can listen to the program." Ishara Layawardane, Daily News (Colombo), 1 April 2010. Deutsche Welle has a shortwave/medium wave relay facility at Trincomalee. The program for Sri Lankans in (presumably South) Korea will be heard throughout East Asia and beyond, because shortwave transmissions are not surgical in their directionality.

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