Report: Pakistan regulator tells private radio stations not to rebroadcast foreign news without permission.

Posted: 02 Apr 2010

"On the directive of the federal government, the Pakistan Electronics Regulatory authority (Pemra), has issued a notification to all 130 private radio stations in the country not to air foreign Urdu new service without permission, official sources said yesterday. Chairman of Pemra Malik Mushtaq said the authority has also issued show cause notices to radio stations to immediately halt the foreign bulletins otherwise stern action will be taken against the violators. Non-official sources say that over 30 radio stations are currently airing foreign news bulletins for five minutes after hour via satellite against millions of rupees from their contribution from BBC, Voice of America, etc." Gulf Times (Doha), 1 April 2010. This may affect BBC Urdu more than VOA Urdu (Radio Aap ki Dunyaa), because the latter is on the public, non-private Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation.

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