New cyberattacks affect "Vietnamese-speaking internet users around the world."

Posted: 02 Apr 2010

"Google Inc. accused Vietnam on Wednesday of stifling political dissent with cyberattacks, the latest complaint by the Internet giant against a communist regime following a public dispute with China over online censorship. ... Google apparently stumbled onto a scheme targeting Vietnamese-speaking Internet users around the world while investigating the surveillance of e-mail accounts belonging to Chinese human rights activists, one analyst suggested. The attackers appear to have targeted specific Web sites and duped users into downloading malware programs, said Nart Villeneuve from The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto. That may have allowed the infiltration and surveillance of activists, he said." Ben Stocking, AP, 1 April 2010.
     "Michael Sentonas, Chief Technology Officer for McAfee's Asia Pacific Office says his firm discovered the cyber attacks when investigating Google attacks, which occurred several months ago. He has told Radio Australia's Connect Asia program the cyber attack is not sophisticated, but appears to be linked either to the Vietnamese government or its supporters." Australia Network News, 1 April 2010.
     "Users running the Vietnamese character software are advised to update their virus definitions to determine if the malware is present on their system." Tom Krazit, CNET News, 31 March 2010.

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