Against the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, text messages to "articulate the U.S. message."

Posted: 01 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"The State Department ... hopes to take advantage of the growth of new media technologies, such as social networking and cell phones within Pakistan, funding a new mobile messaging system. It paid for the first 24 million messages last year, but ... more than 120 million texts were sent and about 8,000 new people are signing up daily. Although officials dislike the term 'propaganda,' another major component of the U.S. plan involves more efforts to articulate the U.S. message and correct misperceptions and lies about America. That means ensuring more information is accessible to the local audience. While the United States for the most part has relied on the international media to explain the U.S. side of the story, there is a new focus on taking the case directly to local journalists and getting press releases out in local languages." Elise Labott, Afghanistan Crossroads, CNN, 26 March 2010.