"Fine quality" newscast yields sixth place for Alhurra in Iraqi journalist's poll.

Posted: 01 Apr 2010

"A poll led by the Iraqi journalist Alaa Makki last week and the results of which were published today on the personal page of the journalist on the social network website Facebook, showed that Alsumaria private TV channel is ahead of the other TV channels because of its impartiality. Al Iraqia which is affiliated to Media Commission of Iraq came second because of the official news it broadcasts since it is close from decision makers. While Al Baghdadia came third and it was chosen for its courage in exposing the complaints of the viewers and for its social programs. Al Sharqia Channel came fourth for its professionalism, Al Faiha’ came fifth for answering viewers’ requests swiftly, while Al Hurra TV channel, financed by the US government, came sixth for the fine quality of its news bulletin. However, the votes for Al Arabia and Al Jazira were canceled because the poll was only about the Iraqi Channels." Al Bayyina via Alsumaria (Baghdad), 25 March 2010. No specifics on methodology, other than "532 people participated in this poll."
     "Al-Iraqiya is currently the most watched station of all domestic and foreign news networks in Iraq. This is partially attributable to the improvement in its reputation, but it largely stems from accessibility. Iraqis do not need a satellite receiver to view Al-Iraqiya, as they do with many local and foreign television stations. ... The Baathist government banned satellite dishes, so initially Al-Iraqiya did not have to compete with the region’s established satellite news networks, such as Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. But ever since the ban was lifted in 2003, satellite dishes have been spreading rapidly into Iraqi homes and in the near future Al-Iraqiya’s competitors could be equally accessible." David A. Rousu, Arab Media & Society, Spring 2010.

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