Botswanian diplomat discusses VOA relay, but what does she mean?

Posted: 01 Apr 2010

"On the issue of pirate radio stations beaming hate messages into Zimbabwe from Botswana, Ambassador [of Botswana to Zimbabwe Gladys] Kokorwe said: 'If we work on our relationship, these things will stop. If we work on the political situation and things normalise, these things will fall away.' Voice of America’s Studio 7 has vowed to continue the illegal broadcasts into Zimbabwe. When she presented her credentials to President Mugabe in December last year, Ambassador Kokorwe pledged to probe the operations of the pirate radio stations that were using Botswana to relay messages into the country." Tongai Mudiwa, ZimDaily, 25 March 2010. See previous mention of Ambassador Kokorwe. Of the broadcasters that Zimbabwe considers "pirate" stations, only VOA Studio 7 uses a relay in Botswana. She might mean that when the situation normalizes in Zimbabwe, the "pirate" stations (SW Radio Africa and Voice of the People are the others) will lose their raison d'etre.

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