VOA Special English has a cameo in film satire about North Korea.

Posted: 01 Apr 2010

Experimental filmmaker Jim Finn's "'The Juche Idea' centers on Yoon (played by Jung Yoon Lee), a South Korean artist who has been invited to — or perhaps detained at — a North Korean artists’ residence. When not performing her farm duties, she makes 'insect-based bio-art' (including what the credits term a 'Kim Jong-il flyface sculpture') and strives to find the politically correct pitch for video pieces like 'The Dentures of Imperialism.' Yoon’s videos — the result of Mr. Finn simultaneously adhering to and parodying juche thought — combine annotated clips from actual North Korean propaganda with what he described as the American equivalent: Voice of America 'slow English' broadcasts valorizing Ronald Reagan." Dennis Lim, New York Times, 26 March 2010. Using this? VOA Special English, 28 July 2007.
     "The information cordon that once encircled North Korea is in tatters. Police in the northern provinces try in vain to crack down on the use of Chinese cellphones; citizens circumvent tracking devices by making brief calls from mountains and forests—sometimes to defectors as far away as the U.S. In provinces along the demilitarized zone, many citizens watch South Korean television. Even in Pyongyang, people listen to BBC or Voice of America radio, or view online news surreptitiously at companies with Internet access." B.R. Myers, Wall Street Journal, 26 March 2010.

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