Voice of Russia's unbranded infotainment on Indian FM stations.

Posted: 01 Apr 2010   Print   Send a link
"Veteran radio broadcaster Voice of Russia has entered into the Indian commercial FM space through a partnership with national player- HT Media’s Fever 104 FM and Siliguri based Radio High 92.7 FM. These two FM channels are currently broadcasting a daily two hour infotainment program titled 'With love from Russia' between 0000-0200 hours IST without mentioning 'Voice of Russia.' Industry sources say the Voice of Russia has inked a partnership deal, wherein the stations stand to earn around Rs one million per frequency per month for airing the two hour content. Fever 104 FM national marketing head Neeraj Chaturvedi says, 'It is part of Russia’s initiative to promote tourism across the globe. ... Voice of Russia has been broadcasting from AM and MW mode but is now looking at FM radio. As youngsters have moved away from AM and MW to FM, it makes sense to move to a contemporary medium to reach out to this target segment.'" Anita Iyer, Radioandmusic.com, 31 March 2010. News is not allowed on non-AIR Indian FM stations, so BBC World Service and now Voice of Russia settle for "infortainment" when placing content on these stations. Voice of Russia is the post-Soviet successor to Radio Moscow.