China Radio International learns that Galveston radio is not Houston radio.

Posted: 09 Mar 2010

"China Radio International bought 'a pig in a poke' when it leased a Galveston radio station in January that network officials mistakenly believed broadcast to the Houston market, according to a former China Radio International employee. 'It was the dumbest thing they could have ever done,' said Mark Shorey, a consultant at CRI headquarters in Beijing before his resignation last month . 'CRI believes that they are broadcasting in Houston and continue to announce this fact on the air and on their Web site.' ... George Lee, whose Electric Theater Radio Hour was taken off the air to make room for CRI, said that if a listener is driving from Galveston toward Houston, the signal will usually start to fade near Santa Fe. 'It's a small market station, and it was never intended from the day it was built to broadcast to Houston,' Lee said. 'On some nights, if all the planets are in alignment and the weather conditions are just right, you may be able to pick it up in Houston.'" Harvey Rice, Houston Chronicle, 3 March 2010. I can't find a reference to Houston at the CRI website. Perhaps since deleted? See previous post about same subject.

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