Alhurra cited here and there.

Posted: 28 Feb 2010

"At issue is that Mr al Maliki’s government relations with the Arab world are not based on trust. This led the prime minister, in a statement to the Al Hurra TV channel, to say that movements of the leaders of electoral lists and their meetings with some Arab heads of state put into question the very concept of nationhood through which different Iraqi political forces can deal with each other." Mostapha Elmouloudi, The National (Abu Dhabi), 24 February 2010.
     "Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki [commented] on [Ayad] Allawi's visit to Saudi Arabia to the Al Hurra channel, saying '[as for] the movement of some [electoral] list officials to certain countries, and meeting with the heads of state of these countries, and conducting talks devoted to the [Iraqi] elections… what kind of patriotism is this and how can we deal with it?'" Tariq Alhomayed, Asharq Alawsat, 24 February 2010.
     "An Israeli source told the Al Hurra Satellite TV that there is a significant cooperation between Israel, France, the U.K, Jordan and Egypt to counter what the sources described as 'countering Hamas terrorism'. Another source told Al Hurra that the relations between the Mossad and security agencies in Jordan and Egypt, will not be impacted by the assassination especially since Jordan and Egypt consider Hamas to be part of the Muslim Brotherhood in the two countries, as the two movements seek to topple the ruling regimes of Mubarak in Egypt and King Abdullah II in Jordan." International Middle East Media Center, 24 February 2010.
     "The al-Hurra network quoted 'senior Jerusalem sources' as saying that 'there is a strong cooperation between Israel, France, Britain, Jordan and Egypt in fighting the Hamas terror'." Roee Nahmias, Ynetnews, 23 February 2010.
     "Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Askeri explained to Alhurra television that the move [to allow members of former ruler Saddam Hussein's army to rejoin the military] had been repeatedly delayed due to a lack of funding." Edward Yeranian, VOA News, 25 February 2010.

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