Not much tsunami advice from Radio Australia at 12, 13 UTC, but more at 14 UTC.

Posted: 27 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
Listening to Radio Australia, I have not been hearing much about the tsunami caused by the Chilean earthquake. No advice for listeners in the Pacific region, Radio Australia's primary target. The newscast on Radio Australia at 1200 UTC was a relay of the domestic ABC radio news, and spoke mostly of tsunami warnings for Australia.
     Update: At 1400 UTC, the ABC newscast on Radio Australia provided much more specific tsunami information for the Pacific, including French Polynesia. It included actuality of an employee of the US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii, who explained that the tsunami is not "huge," but enough to "cause concern." Listen to audio.
     The VOA newscast at 1300 UTC said that the earthquake triggered "a tsunami warning around the Pacific rim of fire," with no further details. VOA no longer nominally broadcasts to the Pacific region, but at 1300 UTC, it is probably audible in that part of the world.
     With many people living (or sailing) in remote areas, and with limited broadcast satellite coverage, shortwave broadcasting is still important in the Pacific region.
     See also "Will international broadcasting sound the warning – next time?," Radio Netherlands Media Network, 6 January 2005.