Don't worry: there are special shampoos that get rid of virally shared widgets.

Posted: 27 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
Executives of consulting agency Mindgrub attended a seminar in Baltimore "to discuss Mindgrub’s new social media marketing campaign for the Voice of America. Voice of America is an international multimedia broadcasting service funded by the US government, which Mindgrub is now working with. Todd and Vince discussed the potential benefits involved in the creating of shareable widgets that can be virally shared on Facebook and other social networking sites. In addition, they discussed how to determine the ROI that can be expected from social activities. ... Mindgrub is currently targeting China for this project and are researching the environment of this country’s most popular social networking sites." Mindgrub press release, 26 February 2010.
     "[S]ocial media [allow] a government to present its views to its citizens and the world, said Michael Walsh, project director at Forum One Communications. He cited the example of the U.S. government’s Open Government initiative to provide transparency into federal activities. Walsh said that citizens want government to incorporate their feedback into policy, and social media [help] to enable this process. He said that social media [are] a useful tool for public diplomacy and explained that the United States must become a leader in this context because other nations are actively using social media tools to promote their national agendas." Henry Kenyon, Signal Scape, 25 February 2010.