BBC Russian university tour showcases "serious multiplatform broadcaster."

Posted: 26 Feb 2010

"BBC journalism and innovative multimedia content are the focus of the BBC Russian University Tour across four Russian cities. Between Monday 1 and Friday 12 March, BBC Russian is holding a series of events at universities and major libraries in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Voronezh. During these events, BBC Russian will showcase the best of BBC Russian journalism, including new ways of reaching audiences by using the latest technologies, and engage young audiences in live debates. ... These include multiplatform broadcasting and availability of multimedia content via mobile phones, embedded video and audio on, podcasts and presence on online social networks and blogging sites. ... Dmitry Shishkin adds: 'BBC Russian has changed significantly over the last few years, not in its editorial approach, but in the way it's reaching Russian audiences. It's no longer "heritage" radio but a serious multiplatform broadcaster." BBC World Service press release, 24 February 2010. With BBC Russian taken off of Russian FM stations, and with Russians no longer listening to shortwave as they they did in past years, the service will have to reach its audiences via internet and mobile media. That will do unless Russia tries to block those media.
     "BBC Russian is entering a new partnership with MSN Russia that will see the internet portal displaying a variety of Russian language video and text content from the BBC. The deal will make MSN the first multimedia partner in Russia to take video in Russian from the BBC, and will enable the broadcaster to reach a wider audience with a range of its content." BBC World Service press release, 16 February 2010.

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