At RadioAsia, DRM chairperson says challenge is content, not receivers.

Posted: 25 Feb 2010

"One of the most eye catchy presentations at the RadioAsia 2010 conference, being held in New Delhi (February 22-24) is the demonstrations of the Live broadcast of radio by deploying the digital broadcast technology developed by DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) Consortium. ... While discussing the proliferation of DRM platform among the radio broadcasters, the DRM Consortium Chairperson, Ruxandra Obreja remarked, that the challenge for the broadcaster is not the receivers for the listeners but the introduction of digital content for them. ... In addition to the ongoing Conference, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is to broadcasting three hours in DRM everyday from 22nd- 26th February from 04:29:30 - 07:29:00 GMT (09:59:30 - 12:59:00 IST) on 17760 kHz. For the first time this year the broadcast will start with the daily Hindi programme followed by current affairs in English. Christian Vision Radio (CVC) will run DRM transmissions from 22nd -24th February from 0830-1230 UTC (2pm-6pm IST) on 17590 kHz. The programmes will be in Hindi." Shivani Anand, Media Mughals, 23 February 2010.
See also DRM Consortium press release, 19 February 2010.

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