New website provides news from Arabic to English, and English to Arabic.

Posted: 24 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"A new website hopes to bridge the divide between the west and the Middle East, by allowing English speakers to read news articles originally printed in Arabic – and vice versa. San Francisco-based Meedan, which launches tomorrow, will provide translations of news articles in both languages in an attempt to help foster better relations between the two. ... 'Outside of the news agencies like the BBC and al-Jazeera that are doing ­programming in two languages, Arabic speakers are unable to access information written in English,' [Meedan co-founder Ed Bice] added. 'The goal is to provide more media exchange across both these languages.'" # Bobbie Johnson and Jack Schofield, The Guardian, 21 February 2010. Does not mention MEMRI (Arabic to English) and CNN Arabic (English to Arabic).