From Iran's police chief, more accusations and warnings about BBC and VOA.

Posted: 21 Feb 2010

"Iran's police chief has again warned citizens against cooperating with foreign media, and accused the BBC and Voice of America of serving British and US intelligence services. 'All those who work with foreign services by sending them news, reports, pictures and films should know that their behaviour is monitored,' Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam said in comments carried by local news agencies. ... 'The BBC is the medium of MI6 and VOA is the medium of the CIA, while some people contact them and make statements against Iran,' he said." RTÉ News, 20 February 2010. See also Canadian Press, 20 February 2010.
     Iranian "Police Chief Gen. Esmail Ahmadi-Moqaddam sees fit not only to take sides in the ongoing factional political fight within Iran's establishment, but to opine on matters of foreign policy and comparative social science. ... It turns out Ahmadi-Moqaddam is an officer who's also an expert on the intricacies of international espionage. He equated giving interviews to the popular BBC Persian and Voice of America to collaborating with Western intelligence." Babylon & Beyond blog, Los Angeles Times, 20 February 2010.
     "Maziar Bahari is a Newsweek correspondent who was detained in Iran last year and held for four months following the street protests that erupted after the disputed June presidential elections. He said the Iranian authorities are employing new tactics to harass journalists. He noted that a proposal is being mulled to make it a crime for Iranian citizens to work for foreign media. 'The Iranian authorities, especially the Revolutionary Guards, even though they have not passed this law yet, have said they are going to [make it] a crime to work for Persian media outside of Iran,' Bahari said. 'So, anyone who works for BBC Persian, VOA Persian, or Radio Farda which is the Iranian version of Radio Liberty, can be accused of espionage and can be tried as a spy. And as my interrogator once told me, we all know what the punishment is for a spy -- execution.'" Nikola Krastev, RFE/RL, 17 February 2010.

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