RFA: North Korea jamming and otherwise cracking down on mobile phones along Chinese border.

Posted: 20 Feb 2010

"North Korea has launched a crackdown on would-be defectors and on Chinese mobile phones used by its own people along the northern border with China, according to several North Korean sources. These tougher measures have made it harder for cash-strapped North Koreans to make calls abroad appealing for help and sharply increased the cost of obtaining a guide to help sneak out of the country, they said. ... An announcer on government-run Korean Central Television (KCTV) said: 'We possess a world-class striking force and means to protect our security that have not yet been entirely mentioned or made public.' Sources inside North Korea subsequently said in interviews that the authorities had stepped-up patrols for would-be defectors and jamming of Chinese cellular phones." Jung Young, Radio Free Asia, 19 February 2010. This refers to black market or smuggled mobile phones that communicate with cell towers in China, not the authorized North Korean mobile service provided by Egyptian operator Orascom. See previous post.

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