Is BBC World News getting biased reports about Nigeria from BBC Hausa?

Posted: 20 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
In the recent sectarian violence in Nigeria, "our Muslim brothers have so far proved quicker off the mark to tell their version of events. Thus on January 26, in the wake of another Jos crisis, BBC World television carried the news that 150 bodies of Muslims had been discovered at the village of Kuru Korama south of Jos. The source of the story? The Jama'atu Nasirul Islam, a powerful organisation that seeks to promote Islam in Nigeria. It also seems that for news about northern Nigeria the BBC relies heavily on its Hausa Service, and I want to take this opportunity to plead with the British public to investigate this body and see that its pro-Muslim bias is corrected." Fr Alex Longs, The Catholic Herald (London), 12 February 2010.