BBC Arabic to launch "first wiki-driven television show."

Posted: 20 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"The BBC Arabic service is launching the corporation’s first television programme driven entirely by social media. The show, called 710 Greenwich, will be the first for the global broadcaster to take its ideas from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs. 'The actual production of the show is going to be as open as Wikipedia,' he said, referring to the online encyclopaedia created by its users. 'This is the first wiki-driven television show.' The show will be broadcast on Thursdays for 50 minutes on BBC Arabic TV from the first week of next month. ... In future episodes, the audience will act as researchers and de facto producers of the show, forming conversations around upcoming guests and posting videos and news articles that make a case for a certain line of questioning. 'Part of the idea is to train people, to get them used to the idea of basing their argument on evidence and fact,' Mr el Sokkari said. 'So when they ask a question, it should be supported by something they have researched, which could be a good thing for young journalists learning the trade.'" Keach Hagey, The National (Abu Dhabi), 18 February 2010.