There is also media fragmentation, with more "competition for attention."

Posted: 20 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"Edelman's hire this week of Richard Sambrook [see previous post], head of global news at the BBC, reminds us once more of the increasing number of senior journalists opting for a career in PR consultancy. ... But as we know, things are tough in journalism at the moment, both in print and broadcast. The axe will soon fall on many more BBC journalists, not least at the excellent BBC World Service, where morale is already low. ... As the media continue to fragment and the number of journalists-per-medium dwindles, there is an increasing demand for compelling content. And yet the competition for attention is also becoming more intense, not least because the cost of content creation continues to fall. Creativity, inspired narrative and authenticity become the premium attributes, as those at the leading edge of social media are discovering. In other words, senior journalists entering PR will find this new arena no less challenging than their previous one, and hopefully no less a test of their character and mettle." Danny Rogers, PR Week, 16 February 2010.