"Device fragmentation" is not when you drop your device. But it is a problem.

Posted: 20 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"At [Mobile World Congress] the UK broadcaster unveiled plans to launch several new mobile applications, showcasing its news, sport, and TV content. The BBC News app will arrive first, with the iPhone version leading the way in April. But while the BBC is enthusiastic about using the latest devices to show off its content to best advantage, it is already finding the extent of software fragmentation between devices a burden. In his keynote, Erik Huggers, director of the BBC's Future Media & Technology division, attacked the mobile industry. 'As a broadcaster we're used to broadcasting once and the receivers just work. Why should we have to reformat our apps for every device?' ... Fragmentation is fast becoming a major obstacle to increased growth, at a time when mainstream content providers are showing unprecedented interest in the mobile channel and when mobile content consumption is rapidly increasing among users. ... The end result is that content providers will naturally come to favor some platforms over others... ." Tony Cripps, Ovum, 18 February 2010.