Hillary Clinton has a "quite frank" meeting with Al Jazeera management.

Posted: 19 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"[I]t is notable that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made time to meet with [Al Jazeera's] senior management during her tour of the Middle East this week. The network said in a statement Monday that Ms. Clinton met with its director general Wadah Khanfar 'and the network’s senior editorial staff for a meeting to further dialogue with Al Jazeera.' The meeting was held on the Carnegie Mellon University campus in Doha, Qatar, the city where Al Jazeera is based. It lasted for about one hour. The meeting was 'quite frank' as Al Jazeera managers 'put their frustrations on the table,' according to a network employee who was briefed on the meeting. 'Over all, the meeting was very positive,' the network employee added." Brian Stelter, Media Decoder blog, New York Times, 16 February 2010.
     "Al Jazeera – broadcaster of Osama bin Laden videos, famously contrarian champion of 'the opinion and the other opinion' – has entered the retail DVD business. ... In particular, the retail platform will give Al Jazeera a chance to reach viewers in the large and lucrative US market, which both the Arabic and the English channels have so far failed to crack with a national distribution deal. Although a landmark local cable deal in Washington DC last year gave Al Jazeera English the opportunity to access the airwaves of a major metropolitan area for the first time, and last year it won approval from Canadian regulators for satellite distribution there, the broadcaster still lacks the US distribution deal that would make it commercially viable." Keach Hagey, The National, 17 February 2010.