France 24: Twitter is good for this, Facebook is good for that.

Posted: 17 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"France 24 uses Twitter and Facebook to aid its newsgathering efforts, but prefers to channel citizen reporters to its 'The Observers' Web site. 'We have about 2,000 "observers" around the world,” said Julien Pain, the site’s editor. 'Three hundred of them are what you could call "really active." When things are happening in their region, we get them to send us information, pictures and video of what is going on from the scene.' This content is sent via Twitter, Facebook, Skype, e-mail or online chat, he added. 'It all depends on the country that the person is contacting us from, and what tools they have at their disposal.' Pain said that France 24 uses Twitter for breaking news research and Facebook to find out more about story subjects. 'If you are following an aid worker for three months, Facebook is really good for that,' he said. 'You get to know more about them by following Facebook, than Twitter.'" James Careless, Radio World, 15 February 2010.