New Afghanistan radio station taking audience share from Radio Free Afghanistan?

Posted: 16 Feb 2010

General-store owner and amateur radio broadcaster Sadruddin Nazar: "'In the village, our neighbors are making carpets, scarves. They listen,' Nazar says. 'In the morning, we turn on the transmitter until the evening. If we don't, they come to ask us why we don't put the transmitter into operation. They say they want to have music while they work.' The radio is a box of equipment with a wire leading out to the roof, where the transmitter sits atop a tall wooden pole and broadcasts at 100.1 FM to a radius of 2 kilometers. There is nothing professional about any of it. Nazar and a car-mechanic friend assembled everything themselves from spare parts from old radios and cassette players." Ibrahim Haroon, head of administration of Radio Free Afghanistan's Kabul bureau, RFE/RL, 12 February 2010.

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