Working -- and sleeping -- at VOA during the "snowpocalypse."

Posted: 15 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"When you think of essential government workers, do you think of radio and TV reporters? The federal government's broadcasting arm stayed open for business during snowpocalypse. Workers at Voice of America slept on GSA supplied Army cots and even couches this as other agencies shuttered shop." Federal News Radio, 12 February 2010, with link to audio report.
     "While we struggled to get through this past week, our listeners and viewers never knew it. They got the same quality programming, on radio, on TV and online, that they always get from us. What was different this time was the almost super-human effort, under the most adverse of circumstances, made by many of our broadcasters, journalists, technicians, engineers and support personnel to meet these audience expectations." From e-mail to staff from VOA director Dan Austin.
     An amazing effort by VOA broadcasters and VOA/IBB staff. In past years, when I was a VOA broadcaster, I commuted in during some severe snowstorms, but probably none as formidable as the recent two events. (This time, as an old bureaucrat, I unheroically worked from home.)