Some listeners are opposing "Opposing Obama" on BBC World Service.

Posted: 14 Feb 2010

"Of the dozens of documentaries broadcast by the BBC World Service every month, Opposing Obama has caused more of a stir than any I can think of for a very long time. This was Guardian columnist Gary Younge's two-part journey through Eastern Kentucky and into Arkansas talking to anti-tax protesters, fundamentalist Christians, libertarians, Democratic and Republican Party officials and ordinary citizens struggling to make ends meet, to find out how they view the last year under Barack Obama. Some of the more forthright views about Obama were included in trailers to publicise the series. These trailers brought in turn some strong opposition from listeners who thought the whole idea of the programmes was unfair. ... Alambo Datonye Fred e-mailed from Port Harcourt Nigeria to say: 'You've advertised extensively your documentary on those who feel Obama has done nothing but you don't make an effort to have another documentary on those who feel he is a good leader. What's happened to your long-held values of fairness and balance?'" Penny Vine, "Over to You," BBC World Service, 12 February 2010.

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