"Foreign Arabic-Language TV: An Exercise in Futility?"

Posted: 13 Feb 2010

"They're tripping over each other. American, British, French, Russian, Chinese and Turkish satellite TV channels want a piece of the Arab viewers' pie by raising their profiles in the Arab region, with no real guarantees of success. ... [Discussion of BBC Arabic, Alhurra, France 24, Russia Today, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, Al Manar, Radio Sawa, Euronews, Deutsche Welle, CCTV, TRT (Turkey), with many logos] ... [O]ne can't blame Arab viewers for being a bit blasé. 'What we want isn't (foreign satellites') blood-filled newscasts, but getting to know the other's culture,' wrote Bandar Abdel Hamid in the pan-Arab daily Al Hayat." Magda Abu-Fadil, Huffington Post, 13 February 2010. There are many subjective assessments of these channels, but the only measure that counts is audience size, based on competent representative sample surveys. The stations from non-Arab nations might not do as well as those from within the Arab world, but how will they compete with one another? I hope the results of surveys make their way to the public domain.

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