US officials on Arab television more effective than Alhurra, he writes.

Posted: 12 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"The United States’s televised message in the Arab world is dull and poorly managed, and the measures the government has taken to change this have yielded little perceptible benefit. Consider Al-Hurra, a failure by any meaningful measure. I’m an Arabic-speaking American and I can’t even stand to watch it. The programming is boring, and the graphics and studios are often reminiscent of a 1970s game show. ... While funding its own Arabic TV network and targeting the portals of Hamas and Hizballah won’t earn the United States much affective capital in Arab countries, dispatching more Arabic-speaking U.S. officials to Arab news networks to discuss a number of specific changes in American foreign policy would." Justin D. Martin, Columbia Journalism Review, 4 February 2010. Alhurra cannot casually be dismissed as "a failure by any meaningful measure," especially as it has some impressive audience numbers. (See previous post.) Alhurra can be considered a success if it competes well with BBC Arabic TV, its main Arabic-language rival from a non-Arab country..