Czech senator writes to US senators about human rights complaint involving RFE/RL (updated).

Posted: 19 Feb 2010

"Czech Senator Jaromir Stetina has sent an explosive letter to 'American colleagues' on the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. The letter is a reaction to a suit against the Czech Republic by a Croat who claimed national discrimination. The Czech Republic is charged with human-rights violations at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. ... Stetina warns in his letter that Prague RFE/RL employees are divided into three castes. The first includes American citizens who enjoy the protections provided by the Federal Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. Czech citizens are protected by the Czech Labour Code. Unfortunately, employees from third countries 'enjoy' zero protection." Croatian Times, 11 February 2010.
     Update: "All American citizens employed by RFE/RL are relieved of Czech income taxes as performing duties of governmental nature. This generous hospitality is well deserved by the unique role RFE/RL broadcasts from Munich played in unmasking communist lies that strangled Soviet-dominated Czechoslovakia. Just to note: In Munich, all RFE/RL personnel was equally protected by the strict German labor laws; still, it did not hinder RFE/RL from being truly instrumental to American victory in the Cold War against 'evil empire'. ... Dear American colleague! At the date of this letter, BBG nomination hearings were not scheduled yet. I cannot see, however, what may prevent you to act within your sphere of political and public influence even now, with the present BBG at hand, provided, you share my concerns." From Senator Stetina's letter to Senator John Kerry, received by CTK,, 16 February 2010. See previous post about same subject.

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