Point, counterpoint on BBC's coverage of the Ukrainian election.

Posted: 11 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"Characteristically, the BBC World Service reported the [Ukrainian] election purely in personal terms, without recognition of what had transpired. One commentator said there was no interest in the US. In reality, the election was run by two US [political consulting] firms." Guy Standing, University of Bath, letter to The Guardian, 10 February 2010.
     "Our teams provided programming in English, Ukrainian and Russian for radio, TV and online, and interviewed commentators on all sides of the political spectrum. The BBC Ukrainian Service broadcast a package by their Washington correspondent about the PR companies working for both sides. This side of the election was also discussed in programmes and online debates, and was raised at various points throughout the coverage." Nikki Clarke, BBC head of Americas and Europe region, letter to The Guardian, 11 February 2010.