The Disco Palace gives the new UniWave DRM shortwave receivers a workout.

Posted: 11 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"A Miami based Radio Station – The Disco Palace – has started broadcasting a DRM SW channel of ‘best of Disco music’ for listeners in Europe and North America. The Disco Palace is the first and only music radio station of this genre broadcasting in DRM on shortwave. ... The Disco Chanel can be heard in Europe from 1400-1500 UTC on 6015 KHz and in North America from 2000-2100 UTC on 17755 KHz. The broadcasts are coming via Issoudun to Europe and via Montsinery to the USA by TéléDiffusion de France." Digital Radio Mondiale press release, 10 February 2010.
     The only standalone DRM radio, the UniWave Di-Wave 100, is available (though presently sold out) at Universal Radio for $300.
     "The mission of Digital Aurora Radio Technologies (DART) is to expand communications across the north by using existing, and exploring new communications technologies. DART is in the process of testing the potential to broadcast digital radio across Alaska. Uniquely Alaskan, the project presents challenges and opportunities that one might expect in the 'Last Frontier.' We are currently testing DRM on [shortwave] 4.85 MHz, 7.505 MHz and 9.295 MHz. In addition, we are broadcasting CW [Morse code] on 4.851 MHz, 7.511 MHz and 9.301 MHz. If you pick up our signal, let us know - we would like to hear from you." Testing the feasibility of using DRM shortwave to bring near FM quality radio to remote parts of Alaska. These tests have been heard beyond Alaska, e.g. Japan.