Maybe it should be called "Chávez Siempre Que Él Quiera."

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"The president's ongoing battle against what he calls the 'oligarchic media' has added a new front. The radio program 'Suddenly with Chávez' (De Repente con Chávez) began broadcasting Feb. 8, and as its name suggests, it can go on the air at any moment, the Guardian and Times of London report. ... The new program doesn't have a set schedule and may break onto the air at any time of the day or night, Chávez says, because 'we have many things to report.' Listeners will hear a harp playing folk music, and then the president's voice." Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, 9 February 2010.
     "Marcel Granier, the Chief Executive Officer of Empresas 1BC [the parent company of RCTV Internacional], appeared on Monday at the head offices of the Organization of American States (OAS) based in Caracas to ask for mediation of the OAS Secretary-General in the case of the removal for second time [from Venezuelan cable television] of the signal of TV channel RCTV Internacional." El Universal (Caracas), 8 February 2010.
     "Even after the signal for Radio Caracas Television Internacional was removed from subscription TV systems in Venezuela, it continues as part of the programming of TV Venezuela, thus strengthening our commitment to keeping Venezuelans living in the United States permanently in touch with what's going on in their country." SUR Corporation press release, 9 February 2010.