Facebook page for VOA's Willis Conover.

Posted: 09 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
The late VOA jazz host Willis Conover "now has his own Facebook page, The Willis Conover Club. Will that lead to his getting a long overdue posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom? Possibly not, but his page, up only a day or two, is rapidly accumulating fans. ... Much of what Conover accomplished lingers in the good will he created toward his country with the music and dispassionate commmentary he disseminated for years by way of his Music USA program. In these daunting times, with the US so in need of good will, perhaps a swell of recognition from the bottom up will persuade the administration in Washington that cultural diplomacy is a potent tool." Doug Ramsey, Rifftides, via All About Jazz, 8 February 2010. The Facebook page is not an official VOA project, but see VOA's Willis Conover page.