Idea: Turning Radio and TV Martí into Metrorail Martí.

Posted: 09 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"[T]he truth is that Miami-Dade desperately needs an expanded rail system. One trip across the county during rush hour painfully drives home the fact that we have a worsening transit crisis. ... So, here’s an idea I’ve already shared with the local Metropolitan Planning Organization. The MPO recently announced a 'call for ideas' on how to reduce traffic congestion and mailed out a form on which to put your idea’s title, objective, and tasks necessary to execute it. [Title] Metrorail Martí. [Objective] Closure of Radio & TV Martí, resulting in direction of $350 million into urban rail construction in Miami-Dade County over the next decade. [Tasks] Develop strategies to 1) persuade Congress and Florida Legislature to match those dollars, for a total of $1 billion in new funding for urban rail expansion in Miami-Dade; 2) press Obama Administration to devote several billion dollars in future stimulus spending to Metrorail Martí." Kirk Nielsen, PODER (Miami), February 2010.