Are Guam's viewers ready for Sumo wrestlers, via NHK, with "sharpness and clarity"?

Posted: 10 Feb 2010

"GTA TeleGuam today announced it has expanded its GUdTV programming to include Japan’s NHK World TV high definition channel and a new dual language audio track on the NHK World Premium channel. NHK World provides news from Japan as well as popular Asian lifestyle programming for international viewers. GTA TeleGuam added the NHK World TV high-definition, English language channel at no additional charge to its GUdTV HD tier available for Choice Digital Package subscribers. ... 'Many non-Japanese speaking viewers are interested in the secondary audio track on the NHK World Premium channel to watch popular Japanese programs like Japan news and Sumo wrestling with English audio,' said Andrew Gayle, executive vice president of GTA TeleGuam wireless and television. 'As more Guam residents purchase HD television sets, they are also asking us to deliver more programs in high definition to fully enjoy the vivid colors, sharpness, and clarity that HD televisions provide over digital." GTA TeleGuam press release, 31 January 2010.
     New Arabsat HD bouquet will include NHK World. Rapid TV News, 10 February 2010.

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