RIA Novosti "is neither a 'sponsor' nor a 'backer' of Russia Today" (RT), which is available in more hotel rooms.

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"RIA Novosti, Russia's leading multimedia news agency is neither a 'sponsor' nor a 'backer' of Russia Today, an English language satellite TV channel, contrary to recent claims in media reports. The reports followed an ad campaign launched by Russia Today in the USA and Europe, like the one featuring superimposed images of U.S. President Barack Obama and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and asking 'Who poses the greater nuclear threat?' The campaign sparked a strong reaction from both the authorities and the media. The media embarked on speculations of who is behind the Russia Today campaign. Some of the media reports stated that RIA Novosti 'sponsors' or 'backs' Russia Today. These reports wrongfully drew on the fact that RIA Novosti had participated in establishing Russia Today as an Autonomous Non-Profit Organization, which in fact provided for the channel's complete legal, editorial and operational independence from RIA Novosti." RIA Novosti, 4 February 2010. See previous post about same subject.
     "The number of hotels with RT [Russia Today] content available has grown 23 times in 2009, with potential audiences almost doubling. In the U.S., RT broadcasts at major worldwide chains such as MARRIOTT, CROWNE PLAZA, HYATT, HILTON, SHERATON, RENAISSANCE and many other four- and five-star hotels. The same applies to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. The achievement is seven times in excess of the planned expansion, though staying within the 2009 hotel distribution budget." RT press release, 4 February 2010.
     "In December 2009 RT ranked among the top 20 most popular channels on YouTube. In the past three months RT’s video materials on YouTube had more than 200,000 views a month on average (http://www.youtube.com/user/RussiaToday). By early December, RT became the most viewed channel in the international YouTube and held its top position nearly 48 hours." RT press release, 4 February 2010.
     "Vancouver's radio dial is about to get a bit more bolshoy. As the athletes, media and throngs of tourists gather, a small contingent of Russians armed with microphones and headsets will soon invade the Vancouver airspace. Astral Media Inc. has sold airtime on one of its Vancouver radio stations to Russian media group ProfMedia for the Olympic Games. Every evening, oldies station CISL-650 will become Autoradio, a Russian-language station with simultaneous broadcasts in Vancouver and more than 300 cities in Russia. ... To meet content rules, Canadian music will also be broadcast during the Russian airtime, meaning listeners in Moscow, St. Petersburg and across the country will soon rock out to the likes of Avril Lavigne and Bryan Adams. 'It's a unique opportunity for us to do what we think the Olympics is supposed to be about, which is an exchange of culture,' [Astral Media VP Brad] Phillips said. 'This is an innovative way to bring a little bit of Russia to Vancouver and bring a bit of Canada back to Russia.'" Susan Krashinsky, Globe and Mail, 4 February 2010.
     "The Moscow State Radio Symphony Orchestra is regularly heard throughout Russia on radio, television and film. On Thursday, February 18 at 8 pm, this exceptional orchestra will present a Gala of Russian Composers at Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts." BroadwayWorld.com, 4 February 2010. The Jorgensen Center is in Storrs, Connecticut.