"Russians just don’t use shortwave radios anymore," so HCJB turns to internet.

Posted: 06 Feb 2010

"Rapidly changing communication technology is opening new opportunities to spread the gospel across Russia, says David Uhles, director of HCJB Global’s Europe/Eurasia Region. 'Russia has leapfrogged in technology,' said Uhles... . 'Within the last decade they’ve gone from really poor landlines to every student having a cell phone. That technology is huge!' ... 'The Internet reaches well-educated young people,' he explained. 'It’s very inexpensive compared to shortwave or local AM and FM. And Russians just don’t use shortwave radios anymore.' ... Growing government restrictions and the reluctance to renew licenses for local Christian radio stations along with increasing opposition from anti-evangelical elements are also forcing HCJB Global to look at new ways to broadcast in Russia." HCJB press release, 5 February 2010.

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