VOA funds will help Pakistan "recover the information space lost to India" on Kashmir, and other VOA in the news.

Posted: 05 Feb 2010

"Pakistan plans to broaden its information outreach on key national issues like Kashmir, relations with India and its contribution to the global war on terror through funding provided by the International Board of Governors (IBB) [sic] of the Voice of America (VOA). ... Firstly, the information outreach would focus on the Kashmir issue. According to Kaira, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had specifically instructed him to 'recover the information space lost to India on the Kashmir issue.' Secondly, Pakistan would use the VOA funding for broadcasting VOA's Urdu programs on Radio Pakistan. In this regard, Kaira said a dedicated frequency would be provided to the VOA's Urdu service. Pakistan would receive annual funding of 200 million dollars." Asian News International (New Delhi), 2 February 2010. Easy to confuse. Actually, VOA is part of the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), which is part of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).
     "With dwindling revenue from online enterprises and the dominance of the larger, well-established wire services such as Reuters and the Associated Press, having reporters at the ends of the earth is becoming more and more difficult. ... A number of news organizations have taken to establishing a 'base' of operations in one location, while continuing to report on events from thousands of miles away. This form of reporting has given rise to an ongoing debate over the ethical nature of such practices. ... Voice of America’s Cairo office routinely files news stories on Iraq. Afraid for their reporters’ safety is once concern, but Iraq is not the only news filed from their Cairo location. Often, stories pertaining to the region, including Saudi Arabia and Libya are also reported from the Egyptian capital. ... To note, however, Voice of America and [Deutsche Presse Agentur] do not dateline the stories they write from Egypt as coming from somewhere else." Joseph Mayton, Bikya Masr, 29 January 2010. Alhurra, Radio Sawa, and perhaps RFE/RL's Radio Free Iraq report from Iraq. Could VOA use their reports? As it presently bureaucratically stands, no.
     Contract employee of VOA published lengthy resignation letter and list of grievances in Somaliland Press, 31 January 2010. To which there must be another side to the story.
     "A senior representative of the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) has issued a dire forecast of the possible emergence of a number of new diseases in the coming years. Dr Earnest Pate, PAHO's Jamaica representative ... [spoke to] journalists on Thursday at the opening ceremony of a two-day, pandemic influenza workshop for journalists across the Caribbean. The workshop, which was held in New Kingston, was facilitated by the Voice of America in collaboration with the United States Embassy in St Andrew." The Gleaner (Kingston), 30 January 2010. Are Jamaicans still familiar with VOA? VOA no longer transmits in English to the Caribbean, though there might still be a program for placement on Caribbean radio stations.
     "Folks trying to save an old Wurlitzer theater pipe organ are facing the music. Media Heritage needs to raise $15,000 this week to buy an Opus 1787 organ for the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting in West Chester Township." Cincinnati Enquirer, 31 January 2010. In the transmitter building of the old VOA Bethany, Ohio, shortwave transmitting station.

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