China Radio International e-magazine for Shanghai Expo will feature "refined writing" in English, French, Chinese.

Posted: 05 Feb 2010   Print   Send a link
"China Radio International (CRI) is launching an official multilanguage e-magazine for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. 'Charm of A City,' designed and produced by CRI, presents a panoramic view of the Shanghai Expo for global readers through a rich combination of high-resolution pictures, official video clips and refined writing. ... Netizens can read three different language versions of the e-magazine in Chinese, English and French either through online browsing or downloading. ... Meanwhile, CRIonline, the official website of CRI, will present live broadcasts of some of the important Expo activities through multiple languages and dialects." CRI, 1 February 2010. No URL given, so perhaps not yet in distribution, but see CRI Shanghai Expo web page.
     Edwin Maher, the Australian broadcaster who went to work for China Radio International and CCTV-9, "believes there has been a demonstrable and increasing opening in the Chinese media. He attributes this to China's growing political and economic clout on the international stage - and the corresponding desire for its state-run media outlets to be viewed as credible. 'We broadcast a lot more stories on things that we didn't used to: the horrific accidents that have happened in the coal mining industry, AIDS and corruption stories. This year, there will be a new dialogue and discussion program format, and major reform. There has been a lot more investigative reporting going on than there used to be. Certainly, the substance has to change as well.'" Haidi Lun and Dave Tacon, The Age (Melbourne), 30 January 2010. See previous post about Maher.