RFI stringer fined by Moscow court.

Posted: 05 Feb 2010

Reporters sans frontières "condemns a Moscow court’s decision to rule against freelance journalist and former Soviet dissident Alexandre Podrabinek in a lawsuit by Second World War veteran Viktor Semenov, who claimed he was offended by an online article last September criticising government attempts to paint a rosy picture of the Soviet era. In its ruling, issued on 27 January, the court ordered Podrabinek to pay Semenov 1,000 roubles (23 euros) in damages and publicly retract a line in his article that said: 'Your homeland is not Russia but the Soviet Union. Your country, thank God, has not existed for 18 years already.' ... Podrabinek, who also reports for Radio France Internationale from Moscow, has announced that he intends to appeal against the ruling and, for the appeal, it seems that he will have to assemble documents demonstrating that the Soviet Union has indeed ceased to exist." RSF, 29 January 2010.

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