Vigil in front of Press TV London headquarters marks birthday of Neda Agha Soltan.

Posted: 03 Feb 2010

"It was a cold, crisp subdued winter evening on January the 23rd 2010, a day which marked the 27th birthday of Neda Agha Soltan, as a diverse crowd gathered outside the main entrance of Press TV's Westgate House, the dull headquarters of the controversial 24-hour Iranian state-run broadcaster, to mourn and celebrate her life. ... But why specifically hold the demonstration outside Press TV? 'Press TV has been lying about Neda right from the start,' says [vigil co-organizer Azermehr] Potkin. 'They've recently broadcasted a documentary which is just beyond belief, saying that Neda was part of a plot... ." Eclid Asaei, Demotix, 23 January 2010. See previous post about same subject.

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