Bringing talk radio to North Korea (updated).

Posted: 26 Feb 2010

"A Seoul-based internet radio station that broadcasts to North Korea said it will air actual voices of North Korean residents for the first time in a feature program this week. The Free North Korea Radio, run by North Korean defectors, began shortwave broadcasts across the border in 2004 and now transmits programs for five hours a day. The radio station plans to air accounts of North Korean complaints on the country's economic policies in a seven-minute feature program to be aired this Friday and Saturday. 'There are four private stations in South Korea that broadcast to the North, but it will be the first time actual voices of North Koreans are being aired,' said Kim Seong-min, founder of the Free North Korea Radio." The Korea Herald, 28 January 2010.
     "Free North Korea Radio said its contacts in the North had recorded conversations with ordinary people without their knowledge." AFP, 28 January 2010.
     Update: "'We have at least one stringer, or reporter, in every North Korean province. We throw them issues to talk about, like "currency reform", or "market conditions." They go out and do interviews, and put together a sort of news report," said Kim Seong Min, the broadcaster's director, who is himself a defector from North Korea. ... Free North Korea Radio connects with North Korean citizens via mobile phones. But conversations have to be brief to avoid tracing. Longer reports are recorded onto tiny digital devices similar to these. The devices are passed hand-to-hand in a chain that smuggles them across North Korea's border with China." Kurt Achin, VOA News, 23 February 2010. They go out and do what?!

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