RT (Russia Today) opens its Washington studio, from which six hours daily will originate.

Posted: 25 Jan 2010   Print   Send a link
"RT [Russia Today] news TV channel has finished construction of a state-of-the-art TV newsroom and studio facility in Washington, D.C. for its English-language TV news channel. The network’s second largest TV studio and production facility will contribute 6 hours of its original news content a day into RT’s TV newsfeed that is being distributed worldwide via satellites from its headquarters in Moscow, Russia. ... Centrally-located in downtown Washington, D.C., this 12,000 square foot, all-digital TV newsroom will produce newscasts, from [4 to 10] PM EST, including the new prime-time news talk show, the Alyona Show, which is anchored by an American host and airs every weekday from [6 to 7] PM EST. ... In addition to its newsroom hub in Washington, D.C., in the U.S. the network is operating correspondent bureaus in New York, Miami and is opening one in Los Angeles. The array of personalities already featured on the programming from its studios in Washington D.C. included Dr. Henry Kissinger, congressman Ron Paul, and political rapper Immortal Technique." RT press release, 20 January 2010.